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The Tempsmart dental recruitment team specialises in the provision of casual, contract and permanent staff to dental practices on the East Coast of Australia.

Our recruitment process ensures that candidate care is foremost. We understand that being in the market for a new job is a highly stressful time and needs to be dealt with in an efficient manner. The Tempsmart dental team members are committed to your journey and are experts in their fields, offering the recruitment experience you’re looking for.  We are committed to your career and the next phase of your journey.

Positions available

Our dental clients are looking for candidates to fill a range of positions in the dental field. These include:

  • dental assistants
  • dental receptionists
  • hygienists
  • oral health therapists

We aim to provide flexibility and various employment options for our potential candidates that fit in with their individual working needs and expectations. This is why we offer a range of working styles from casual through to permanent positions. Candidates simply need to inform our recruitment staff of their preferred hours and we will aim to find a match that works.


At Tempsmart we understand the need to be a standout candidate. To prepare you for your next role in the dental industry, our recruitment process encompasses analysis of your skills and qualifications, career advice, role preparation and interview coaching. Candidates placed through Tempsmart have the opportunity to put their best foot forward in this great industry.


Tempsmart provides Dental Assistants, Dental Receptionists, Hygienists, Oral Health Therapists, Practice Managers and Administrative Assistants to dental practices and dental corporations for long and short term contracts along the East Coast of Australia. These positions not only guarantee work for the specific contract period but also provide an opportunity to gain a permanent position after the contract lapses.


Casual employment through Tempsmart provides you with the opportunity to gain greater experience through the new and diverse working environments provided through temp assignments. If you are looking for a full time career as a temp or just extra shifts, this role provides flexibility, opportunities for career advancement, and upskilling.

Employee benefits

Tempsmart believes in looking after its employees and continually striving to provide excellence. We provide our casual employees with a range of benefits:

  • above award pay rates
  • weekly pays with no delay
  • opportunity for bonuses
  • training and upskilling opportunities
  • flexibility and choice
  • refer a friend scheme
  • friendly personal service

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If you are interested in utilising Tempsmart for your next recruitment process please call us on 1300 139 708 or get in touch via email on our contact us page.

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