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Tempsmart has been working within the nursing industry for over 15 years. We understand the necessity to have qualified, skilled and reliable personnel in all areas of health. Whether that be in hospitals, community care, aged care facilities or medical centres, trusted employees are invaluable. We screen each potential candidate to ensure they comply with industry standards and facility requirements.

Our expert recruitment consultants maintain an exceptional standard throughout the entire screening process. Tempsmart Recruitment consultants maintain their professional development through education sessions offered by the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA). This ensures industry standards and best practices are maintained and delivered.

The team at Tempsmart understands that the need for staff in the nursing field can be urgent. To ensure we are catering to these needs, we have developed our Customer Care Team who are available from 5:00am through to 11:00pm daily. An answering service has also been set up to cater for the remaining hours. This means that no matter when you need staff, Tempsmart are available to take your call and cater to you immediately.

The recruitment process

Tempsmart have developed interview tools based on legislative requirements. These determine what qualifications, experience and skills specialist nursing roles require. We expect employees to provide evidence of these at the interview.

In nursing, it is vital employees comply with industry qualifications, training and standards. Tempsmart nurses must have the appropriate qualifications and current manual handling, First Aid and CPR credits. Tempsmart recruitment consultants verify these requirements. These standards filter appropriate candidates to refer to the client.

We have training facilities on-site to ensure courses remain current for all employees. These training sessions are publicly available on site or at your practice. Discounts can apply for group training. Contact us for more information.

After recruitment, employees earn award-based wages. Incentives are established for consistent performance. These benefits consistently encourage employees to perform at their best.

Agency nurses

Tempsmart encourages employees from various cultural backgrounds to apply for nursing positions. Linguistic skills are recorded on the employee database. It is likely that bi-lingual nurses will be available for clients.

Tempsmart can provide the full spectrum of agency nurses including:

  • AINs (Assistant in Nursing)
  • ENs (Enrolled Nurse)
  • RNs (Registered Nurse)

Nurses can be provided on a casual, contract or permanent basis, depending on your individual recruitment need.


Tempsmart agency nurses can be placed at hospitals, aged care facilities, community care organisations and medical centres on the Australian East Coast, from Cairns through to Northern NSW including Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

At times we have placed nurses regionally as well. If you are looking for recruitment solutions in regional QLD or NSW, phone us for personalised guidance.

Nursing Recruitment Agency Brisbane

If you are interested in utilising Tempsmart for your next recruitment process please call us on 1300 139 708 or get in touch via email on our contact us page.

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