Five Qualities of a Great Temp Candidate

What makes a great temp candidate?

Are you thinking of applying for temporary employment with Tempsmart? Here are some qualities that would make you stand out!

  1. Qualified

It is essential that you have the necessary qualifications for the position for which you are applying. Tempsmart sources positions for nurses, carers and dental staff, so we expect qualifications to support your application! Appropriate qualifications are not the only requirement; you also require the necessary practical and professional knowledge to enter the position.

  1. Experienced

The best temp candidates have adequate experience in their field. Companies seeking to hire temps are not in a position to train you on the job.  Companies seeking temps expect a high level of knowledge and initiative. You must have adequate experience to be competent upon entry.

  1. Quality References

Tempsmart’s recruitment team rigorously checks all references. Not only must you provide references who can speak for your demeanor, we also want to hear about your work ethic and attitudes. Who can vouch for your competence? Are you a good team player? These are just a few questions that are to be answered by your referees.

Pro tip: As a courtesy, make sure you let your referees know you have listed them on your application and to expect a call. If not, you could appear unprofessional. Let them know about the position as well, so they know how best to support you and respond to the call.

  1. Flexibility

Companies often hire through Tempsmart in stressful times where the workload is high, or employees are scarce. This means that, sometimes, temp jobs can ask a bit of you. How you handle these demanding situations will speak wonders for your character – the type of thing that could get you rehired, or even offered a permanent position! In return, a temp position can also be flexible for you. Temping is the perfect way to work employment around a busy study schedule or family life without sacrificing all control over your time. It’s a win-win situation!

  1. Positive Attitude

Above all, you must have a positive outlook and willingness to learn and adapt in order to be successfully placed. Temp work is about adapting to new environments and new people quickly. Turn this into your strength! A great temp is also a great problem-solver and has a compelling work ethic.

Temporary employment is a truly unique way to earn a living. Meeting new people and having new experiences is part of the ride – enjoy it!

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