Five questions you should ask in a job interview

questions to ask in a job interview

Interviews are perhaps the most crucial part of helping you land a new job. They help display your knowledge and skills required for the role, and also your character. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be needing to ask questions of your own. We have put together our top 5 questions to ask during an interview to help you get a better understanding for the job you will be doing and the company you may be working for.

“What does success look like in this role?”

Understanding exactly what is expected of you when starting a new job will help clear up any miscommunications about the role you will be performing. It gives you an idea about how well suited you are to the job or the management style. And it lets them know you’re a self-starter who is looking to succeed. Knowing some immediate objectives will help you make sure you’re on the right course. You can also determine if the expectations are reasonable, or if you will struggle to fit in to the role.

“How would you describe the work culture here? What types of people tend to thrive, and what types don’t do as well?”

Culture ranges from how people dress and talk to leadership and reward structures. Knowing you will be the right fit for a company is just as important for you as it is for management. Generally, this will help you realise if this is a place you want to work and if you will be able to effectively communicate with your future colleagues. Naturally, you want to join a company which recognises people’s achievements, celebrates success, and cares about its employees and the community.

“After learning and proving competency in fulfilling the responsibilities of the position, how could I then expand the position to take on a larger role in the organisation”

This questions helps show that you really want to benefit the organisation but also helps you understand what is needed in order to move up into higher roles as it’s helpful to know what you can aspire to. It also lets the interviewer know that you are looking for a long term role within the company. No one is looking for a static employee who is only interested in developing their skill set in order to move on later.

“How will I fit within the structure of the company?”

Knowing who you will be working with directly and indirectly will help you understand the processes the company goes through on a day by day basis. It can also shed light on how well managed the company is, and how individual teams work within it.

Ask reactionary questions

It is important to remember that a job interview is not an interrogation; ask the interviewer questions throughout the process which relate to what you are currently talking about. Turning the interview into a regular conversation can relieve any stress and pressure you might be feeling, and by doing this you will find that you are more likely to get something beneficial out of it.

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