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Tempsmart is a longstanding recruitment agency with over 15 years’ experience working within the dental field. We know the difference between an exceptional candidate and a mediocre one and we can do the hard work sorting through the candidates – so you don’t have to.

We understand that dental staff have to be highly skilled, motivated and reliable, whether they are filling a receptionist position or an oral health therapist position. At Tempsmart, we prioritise profiling and screening of potential candidates to ensure they comply with all dental industry standards, as well as general professional standards and any specific practice requirements you may have.

Our team of recruitment consultants are always updating their skills through professional development training sessions, in conjunction with the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA). It is always our aim at Tempsmart to provide service that maintains industry standards and practices thereby ensuring clients receive the best service possible.  Tempsmart recruitment consultants draw on their expert knowledge of both the recruiting process and the dental industry when filling positions. This means the best possible candidates will be sought for our clients.

We understand that the need to fill a staff position can sometimes be urgent. Tempsmart’s Customer Care Team is available from 5:00 am through to 11:00 pm, 7 days a week to ensure that all staffing needs can be met in an urgent manner. An answering service is used for the remaining hours that will automatically alert staff upon their arrival at 5am. No matter when you need a staffing solution, Tempsmart can help you.

The recruitment process

Tempsmart go through a rigorous profiling, screening and interviewing processes to ensure that each dental staff candidate is an appropriate fit for your practice. All dental staff comply with the current industry standards and can be trained in Apply First Aid and CPR training. All certificates, qualifications, previous training and reference lists are thoroughly checked.

The training facilities at Tempsmart and the accredited trainers on staff allow all Tempsmart agency dental staff to keep up to date with any training, including CPR and Apply First Aid. Dental practices are also able to take advantage of the accredited trainers at Tempsmart, and the sessions can be conducted at your dental practice. There are discounts applicable for group training sessions. Contact us for more information.

By having a high standard of dental staff we can ensure that dental clients will receive only the best fit for their specific staffing need. Once we have interviewed each candidate and thoroughly checked their references and qualifications, we will provide a short list of suitable candidates to our clients. From there, clients will have the option to interview the short list themselves if desired.

Once a candidate has been approved for employment, Tempsmart will provide award based wages as well as a range of incentives for excelling in the position and consistently maintaining a high level of performance. These benefits encourage employees to always do the best work possible.

Agency dental staff

Tempsmart can provide a full range of dental staff to cater to any staffing need including:

  • dental assistants
  • dental receptionists
  • hygienists
  • oral health therapists

Dental staff can be provided on a casual, contract or permanent basis, depending on your individual recruitment need.


Tempsmart dental staff can be placed on a casual or contract basis in dental practices along the East Coast of Australia from Cairns through to Northern NSW including Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Tempsmart dental can provide permanent recruitment Australia wide

Dental Recruitment Agency Brisbane

If you are interested in utilising Tempsmart for your next recruitment process please call us on 1300 139 708 or get in touch via email on our contact us page.

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