Nursing Agency Brisbane

Tempsmart offers a range of nursing positions from permanent to contract and casual work. You don’t have to feel trapped within one health care area. Tempsmart can place you in diverse positions in various facilities. This includes aged care facilities, private clinics, and government-run facilities. Tempsmart gives you the ability to take control of when, where, and how you earn your living.

Nursing Jobs Brisbane

Our healthcare clients require candidates to fill a range of nursing roles. These include:

  • AINs (Assistant in Nursing)
  • ENs (Enrolled Nurses)
  • RNs (Registered Nurses)

Tempsmart offers permanent, contract and casual positions for temp nursing. This allows our employees to fit work around their personal lifestyle and take control of their employment. Upon application, candidates need to provide their availability and expected work load. Tempsmart will do the rest to find a match that works. Regardless of where they are located, Tempsmart provides clients with jobs to leave them feeling like part of a team. We work hard to ensure our employment solutions help employees join supportive, professional environments. Most clinical placements are in eastern Queensland or north-east New South Wales.


Temporary nursing employment through Tempsmart allows nurses a flexible working environment. This leads to increased experience, skills and ability in the nursing practice. Casual work is ideal for nursing staff looking for additional shifts. For those interested in a career as a temp worker, this could be a great starting point. It is also great for those with busy study or family schedules needing more control over their shift hours.


Tempsmart provides nursing staff for long and short term contracts throughout regional aged care facilities and hospitals. This means guaranteed work for our candidates for the specified contract time. Contracts often provide an opportunity for permanent placement after the contract lapses.


We understand the stress of looking for permanent work. Tempsmart has been in the nursing industry for over 15 years to develop ongoing bonds with clients. Hospitals, aged and community care groups and medical centres across Australia trust Tempsmart employees. We will connect you to a position that fits with your individual needs. Tempsmart provides advice, coaching and role preparation to service candidates throughout the recruitment process. All efforts ensure Tempsmart candidates have the best chance of placement.

Employee Benefits

Tempsmart believes in looking after its employees and continually strives to provide excellence. We provide our casual employees with a range of benefits:

  • above award pay rates
  • weekly pays with no delay
  • potential for bonuses
  • training and upskilling opportunities
  • flexibility and choice
  • refer a friend scheme
  • friendly personal service

Nursing Agency Brisbane, QLD

If you are interested in utilising Tempsmart for your next recruitment process please call us on 1300 139 708 or get in touch via email on our contact us page.

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